Mazda believes there is an extension for vehicles to develop further, in a way that takes the joy of driving to a new level and combines it with outstanding environmental and safety performance. Our main goal is to accomplish the best possible level and further the advancement of the vehicle.


We are the distributor of Mazda vehicles & spare parts based in Malaysia. We distribute a selected range of Mazda vehicles & spare parts in Malaysia & Philippines. We also operate 3S centres in Malaysia. Bermaz Auto Berhad Group was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 18 November 2013.

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'Jinba-Ittai' means the oneness between the horse and the rider. It has been the key concept at the heart of every Mazda and reflects the bond between the driver and the car. It's a bond that Mazda has worked tirelessly to recreate between car and driver ever since. This intimate bond between the car and the driver is what makes Mazda feel responsive, exhilarating and fun to drive. Today, 'Jinba-Ittai' has transformed into a word that encapsulates Mazda's entire philosophy that can be seen in all its cars.

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From the time we learn to walk, we learn to control our centre of gravity – and thus our balance – entirely without conscious thought. It becomes as natural as breathing. And it is the inspiration for Mazda’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, aimed at enabling you to fully maintain your balance even inside the vehicle. With human characteristics as the overriding design directive for the seats, body and chassis as a whole, Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture realizes ride comfort, handling, stability and vehicle motion that perfectly matches human sensibilities and always feel familiar and natural to driver and passengers alike.

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A bold new era has arrived. Born from our obsession to create beautiful vehicles. Expressed through our design language called Kodo: "Soul of Motion." Capturing movement, even at a standstill. Simplified essential characteristics that embrace the Japanese philosophy of "less is more." This compelling evolution in our design aesthetic pursues beauty through subtraction and purity. Reflections of light across its surface create more complex and intriguing shapes. Created by the hands of master artisans, the sculptural piece conveys energy by eliminating all that is unnecessary, leaving only what is essential - becoming the inspiration for the design of all future Mazda vehicles.

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An active approach to safety, i-ACTIVSENSE® uses milliwave radars and cameras to keep you in tune with your surroundings. While keeping you focused on the road. Get maximum confidence and enjoyment out of your drive knowing these available systems are constantly working to alert you to potential hazards, avert collisions, or reduce their severity when one is unavoidable.